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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do you need to make an appointment?

While appointments are recommended, we do our best to accommodate drive up service as well.

Do you do stain and odour removal?

Yes we do! We are experts at removing all types of stains from winter salt, to spilt milk. We use professional high quality extraction equipment with proper cleaning agents to remove stains and odours. Please contact us for further information.

How is the cost for a quality detailing service calculated?

We seek to determine a reasonable balance between the individual customer expectation, the size and type of the vehicle, as well as the effort required to remediate the vehicle to a satisfactory standard in establishing cost. To determine the degree of effort required, you must take into consideration the current condition of the carpets, panels, and seats as well as any pet hair, odour abatement, spills, or stain. They all add time, and work effort to remediate.

Our Detailing Technicians are fully trained and adhere to specific best practices for each individual work process. This helps ensure consistency in time, quality, and associated cost, while ensuring a high level of customer satisfaction.

While price alone will not ensure customer satisfaction, timeliness, exceptional customer service, excellent quality and good overall value will. Call us, or drop by for a quote.

How often should I wax my vehicle?

Paint protection should be applied twice a year. During the winter months, it provides a good layer of protection between your clearcoat and salt, while in the summer months many elements such as bird droppings, bug impacts, tree sap and environmental residue from rainy days.
Consider adding Aquapel windshield treatment to vastly improve visibility during rainy drives.

What are all the orange specs on my paint?

Orange specs more commonly known as rail dust are most noticeable on light coloured paint. There are many theories as to their origin, but suspiciously enough caused by wearing brake pads, they are most notable behind the front wheels, down the sides of the vehicle and wrapped around the rear as the air flows. It is recommended you have us decontaminate the paint prior to waxing as they are acidic and will eventually burn through the clearcoat.